Lotus Dome Models

We have produced “3v” geodomes of 8, 10, 12, and 14m diameter, although any diameter can be created. Anything below 8m would be better and more cheaply designed to the “2v” structure. Anything above 14m would need to be “4v” or greater, and would be considerably more expensive. (see Geodesics page to read about dome frequency)

120mm Colour Coded Hub

Our smaller domes have been made from 25mm o.d. galvanised and powder-coated steel tubing fitted with 120mm diameter hubs. Larger domes use 30mm o.d. tubes and 150mm diameter hubs. Powdercoating is very helpful for colour coding the poles, and also serves to provide an esthetically pleasing appearance. The covers comprise 5 wall sheets and an upper cap. The walls are secured by upper and lower ties, and laced down each side. The cap is fully fitted, and without walls provides an overcover with 5 side archway entrances. It is secured at ground level with 5 tonn ratchet straps.

Colour Coded Dome Frame

The whole structure is secured to the ground with a number of 800mm iron stakes, which fix both the frame and cover together to the ground. The number of stakes required will depend on the size of dome, the nature of the ground, weather conditions, and parameters of use.

The information below provides some general specifications for these particular domes.