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14m Dome at the Greenfutures Field, Glastonbury 2010
Lotus Domes manufacture elegant and efficient geodesic marquees here in the UK. Both the frame and covers have been conceived, designed, and produced to serve the activities of Floating Lotus CIC, a mobile solar powered venue which travels around the country providing an environmentally minded and sustainable gathering space for festivals, green fairs, ecologically minded weddings, school eco-days, council sponsored sustainability events, and private parties.

Geodesic dome structures have the reputation of being one of the most stable tents possible, also allowing for maximum use of internal space with no internal poles or external guy ropes.
Our design also provides comprehensive and incredibly strong rigging points within the structural hubs. These can be used to support lighting and PA rigs, trapeze setups, or even suspended floors for larger domes. The hub design is inherently novel, and patent rights have been established.

Over the last few years the elegance and efficiency of our geodesic marquees have proved themselves practically within the market, having been used extensively by Floating Lotus and other dry-hire clients. Lotus Domes Ltd. has now been established to provide these domes for general retail and rental, to support the future of Floating Lotus CIC, and to offer an alternative to poor quality and profit led import businesses. Manufacture in the UK also secures limited employment in the UK and allows for convenient and rapid service response. Retaining low overheads, we are able to offer these domes at considerably less cost than the few other existing dome manufacturers.
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We also undertake general works at our engineering workshop C A MASON METALWORKING AND MACHINING where the structures have been designed. We have a separate and additional canvas preparation area where repairs and bespoke commissions are completed.